Ameenuddin Atif Mohammed

Engineering Manager

Email: atif089@gmail.comPhone: +31 644 939 013



Awarded Patent for Marketplace Seller Referrals (expiry 2035, Patent Number US10007937B1)


Participated and won serveral hackathons like AWS Graviton (Cloud), Rapyd (FinTech) and Freshdesk (SaaS/CRM) -

Consulting / Freelance Experience

Achieved a Top-Rated Status on Upwork by providing technology related consulting and development services to small businesses Top-Rated freelancers secure a 95% or better overall positive feedback on 12+ projects in a year.

Front End Development Mentor (2014 — 2015)

Mentored over 25 students as a remote mentor over the platform Thinkful for Front End Development. Some of them have successfully transformed careers into Front End Developers.


Engineering Manager at

2014 AugCurrentAmsterdam, Netherlands

Partner Incentives, Modifications, Cancellations & Upsell

Leading engineering for multiple cross functional teams with a head count of 20+ (14 direct reports) managing a portfolio of 4 products with diverse userflows, catering to over 500,000 partners, handling over 5M+ events/day and registering over €30M in combined annual revenue.

  • Took responsibility for maintaining a legacy product with 0 developers and formed a new team reconstructing the missing domain knowledge from Perl and migrating it to Java.
  • Formulated and successfully executed a re-platforming strategy to decouple parts of team's scope from existing monolith and migrate to microservice and microfrontend (Java, React, GraphQL, Kafka) effectively reducing deployment effort by 95% (from 4 hours of manual effort to 15 minutes using fully automated pipelines).
  • Preparation of organisational design, hiring of engineers, and formation of teams to deliver modernisation and maintaining the products
  • Steered best practices on improving code quality by maintaining minimum test coverage to 85%, adding E2E tests to cover all critical user flows and setting up recurring business and continuity tests like failover, capacity and security according to SRE guidelines.
  • Introduced SLOs to ensure that teams are on track to deliver. Established monitoring and alerts at various orchestration points to position the team better at handling incident management. Conducted post-mortem analysis of outages and incidents, provided recommendations and publish RFOs (Reason For Outage). Set guidelines for the team around outages and firefighting.
  • Improved bus factor by documenting onboarding processes, data workflows, service catalogs and setting up product architecture and other technical documentation
  • Identified communication and psychological safety issues in the team and faciliated team bootcamp involving agile coach to improve it. Resolved conflicts among team members and took necessary steps to align the team towards a common goal
  • Responsible for performance evaluation and growth of team members, part of which was also creating and monitoring progression of performance development plans for all reports
  • Involved in Product Strategy that includes aligning with Product and UX create meaningful achievable milestones. Liase with FE and BE developers to identify tech debt and bottlenecks and prepare a technical roadmap to overcome those challenges.

Partner Incentives

Managing a cross functional team of 4 people and working on:

  • Leading the team running incentive campaigns for accommodation partners
  • Create and maintain an effective frontend product roadmap, including specific projects and tasks, that aligns with the strategic direction of the organization and the company. Plan semi-annual team objectives and ensure KPIs are tracked, reviewed.
  • Carry out team meetings and faciliated agile scrum meetings. Ensure all team members are given a clear understanding of their individual objectives and performance and provide regular feedback.
  • Mentor team members and identify opportunities for them outside the team to leverage and grow.
  • Onboarding new team members on the team from various roles and ensuring they are up to their productivity in an expected time.
  • Create a comfortable and healthy team environment, check on mental health and provide support.

Customer Service Innovations Team

  • Analyzing common customer behavior and identify patterns in customer service tickets and develop innovative solutions to reduce human handling and foster automation.
  • Identify and eliminate points of friction for customers trying to contact, and at the same time optimizing the UI to maintain clarity, consistency, and context to both the customer and the support staff.
  • Ran Technical Interviews for frontend developers (with Acceptance/Offer Ratio: 0.8)

Onboarding Lead

  • Leading and managing the onboarding journey for new hires right from before they join the company until the end of their probation. Setting up training, tracking their overall development and providing developmental feedback.
  • Identifying skills, strengths, weaknesses and mapping interests of the developers and match them to place them within different teams in the company.
  • Contributing to the development of advanced tools to make the onboarding process smoother. For example, I spent on creating a lot of Google Drive Scripts that helped automate redundant processes like sending emails, grooming backlog, setting up automatic calendar invites for important training, tracking feedback and producing individual reports from spreadsheets.
  • Successfully integrated over 38 people in the company with an average of 14 reports at any time.

Landing Pages Team

  • Worked on conducting user research, applying the learnings from user research in form of A/B Tests to optimize landing pages (mobile, tablet and web) serving traffic from various sources like meta partners, SEO, PPC, etc.
  • Built tools to automate processes like linting checks, boilerplate to create new A/B tests, etc. using Bash and Node.JS.

Other Previous Teams

  • Worked on rewriting the core routing component of the system and a new search box along with routine Frontend / Javascript tasks. I also worked on implementing Google Analytics events and dimension for various user interactions.
  • Worked for over a year on parts of Mobile and Tablet website. Other daily activities include generating experiment ideas for A/B Testing, prioritizing and implementing them. I also worked on optimizing the mobile website for better performance.

Web Development Engineer at Amazon

2012 Jun2014 JulyHyderabad, India

Amazon Home Services

Front-end development for MVP for Amazon Local Services (now Amazon Home Services).

Amazon Services

Web Development, A/B Testing and Optimization for Amazon Marketing Websites across US and Europe (,,,, and

TCS (Tenancy Configuration System)

Developed UI for an orchestrate service that generates configuration sets and monitoring launching new Amazon websites.


Bachelor of Technology (2007 – 2011)

Computer Science and Information Technology

VIF College of Engineering and Technology — Hyderabad, India


System Design Interviewing & HiringObjectives, Roadmap & OKRs Project ManagementResource Allocation Conflict ResolutionCreating & Managing Agile Teams Change ManagementPersonal Development Performance Management

Javascript NodeJS ES6MySQL / MariaDB MongoDB Rethink DBReact Vue WebPack GraphQL PuppeteerGoogle Drive Scripts Postman GitAWS Google Cloud Platform (GCP)Nginx ApacheMicro Services Micro FrontendsTerraform Docker Vagrant LinuxGraphite/Grafana New Relic ElasticA/B Testing Google AnalyticsPHP WordPress & WooCommerce